Self-Assessment Tax Returns

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Who do we help?

We can help all those who need to file a personal tax return. This may be you if, in the last tax year (6th Apr - 5th Apr), you have:

  • Earned more than £100,000

  • Were self employed as a sole trader and earned more than £1,000

  • Were a partner in a business partnership

  • Received child benefit when either you or your partner earned more than £50,000

  • Had any income which hasn't been taxed such as:

    • Rental income from a property

    • Foreign income

    • Tips and commissions

    • Savings, investments or dividends

If you are self-employed you may also send a Self Assessment Tax Return to claim tax relief, which will mean you pay less tax due to payments you have made for business purposes.

What we do

This service covers

  • Completion of your tax return online

  • Income, pension, benefits and expenses

  • Capital gains and investments

  • Rental property income

  • Liasion with HMRC on your behalf where required

  • Personal tax report provided to you upon completion

  • Any support required for you queries and problems.

What does it cost you?

If a self assessment tax return is one day past the due date then a penalty of £100 is given and will increase further depending on how late the return is and also on how late the payment is made. ontop of this, any mistakes make due to lack of reasonable care can also incur a penalty of up to 30% of the extra tax due, and even more so if information is not disclosed purposely. Taking this into account, it is best not to leave your tax return too late and to have it prepared and filed in good time time a professional.

Our basic Self Assessment Tax Returns are priced at


No VAT is charged on our services.