About us

From the age of 16, I devoted over 16 years of my life to HM Armed Forces, primarily serving in the Royal Anglian Regiment. My journey has taken me around the world, participating in operations and exercises, all while pursuing a part-time bachelor's degree in mathematics and physics. Balancing service and study has been challenging yet rewarding, and it’s a journey I’m still passionately traversing.

My experience with quantitative subjects and a commitment to detail, discipline, and professionalism naturally led me to financial accounting as I transitioned to civilian life. It became the perfect avenue to continue leveraging my skills and values in a meaningful way.

Having spent years in the army, I understand the paramount importance of trust. It’s something I don’t take lightly. Trust is earned through reliability and open, clear communication. I pride myself on being flexible and always available to address any unexpected challenges swiftly and efficiently, ensuring peace of mind for those I work with.

I’m excited about the opportunity to assist you with your accounting needs and to build a relationship founded on mutual trust and respect. I’m not just here to provide a service; I’m here to offer support, understanding, and a helping hand on your financial journey.