New Services: Forces Tax Rebate!

Announcement of our new services provided by GY Finance


Danny Call

9/8/20232 min read

two soldiers in camouflage gear are looking a desert
two soldiers in camouflage gear are looking a desert

Today, I am thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new services tailored especially for the diligent armed forces blue light emergency services personnel. Introducing the Armed Forces and Blue Light Tax Rebates – a service that's close to my heart and stems from personal experience.

A Service Born from Experience

As many will know, before I stepped into the world of accounting, I proudly served as a soldier. The discipline, dedication, and sacrifices that come with being a part of the armed forces are something I've experienced firsthand. Moreover, my journey has been enriched by my close association with emergency services, both professionally and through family ties. This unique blend of experiences has given me a deep understanding of the challenges faced by these hard workers every day.

Why This Service?

While the pride and honour of serving the King are second to none, it's also true that the services come with their fair share of aches and pains. Financial intricacies can often be a source of added stress, especially as irregular working patterns and frequent trips away from home can mean others in our families may struggle to maintain a steady working life too. This isn’t helped by the tendency for many of our servicemen and women to overpay their taxes without even realizing it.

That's where GY Finance steps in.

With our new Armed Forces and Blue Light Tax Rebates service, we aim to ensure that you are compensated for any tax you might have overpaid. It's our way of giving back, of ensuring that while you're out there serving the country, we're here, looking out for your financial well-being.

Why Choose GY Finance?

The answer is simple: Empathy and Expertise.

Having been in your shoes, I understand the nuances and intricacies of life in the services. This isn't just another service offering for us; it's personal. It's about ensuring that my brothers and sisters in the armed forces and emergency services get the financial relief they deserve.

In Conclusion

To all those professionals out there in uniform, know that GY Finance stands with you. Our new service is a testament to our commitment to ensuring your financial health. Let's work together to ensure you get back what's rightfully yours.

Stay safe, stay strong.

Danny Call, Accountant, Founder of GY Finance and Proud Ex-Soldier.