From Soldier to Bookkeeper: Navigating the Transition from Military to Civilian Life

My current battles with leaving the army and starting a new life.


Danny Call

5/14/20233 min read


Leaving the military and transitioning into civilian life can be a daunting endeavour, filled with both challenges and opportunities. For those who have served in the armed forces, the transition often involves finding a new sense of purpose and translating military skills into a meaningful civilian career. In this blog post I discuss my current battles in navigating this transition: a soldier turned bookkeeper. I will delve into the experiences and insights gained from a military background and how they have shaped the path towards a career in bookkeeping.

1. Serving with Dedication: Military Career Highlights

I embarked on my military journey in 2007, joining the esteemed British Army at the young age of 16. Beginning my service in the Royal Signals and later transferring to the Royal Anglian Regiment, I fulfilled important roles in communications and in the infantry, eventually becoming a skilled mortarman, non-commissioned officer and mortar fire controller. These roles demand precision, discipline, and clear communication—an invaluable foundation for my future endeavours.

2. Translating Military Skills to the World of Finance

Upon making the decision to transition to civilian life, I recognized the innate connection between their military experiences and the financial world. The importance of accuracy and attention to detail ingrained in my roles within a mortar platoon resonated with the meticulous nature of working with numbers. Armed with a passion for mathematics and physics, I chose to pursue a career in bookkeeping as a logical next step.

3. Embracing Entrepreneurship: Starting a Bookkeeping Business

Leaving the structured environment of the military can be both liberating and challenging. For a soldier-turned-bookkeeper, starting my own business provided an all-important a sense of purpose and the opportunity to take control of my professional destiny. The decision to become an entrepreneur offers the freedom to work on my own terms, allowing me to leverage my skills in an increasingly digital world.

4. Navigating the Transition: Challenges and Support

Transitioning from military to civilian life is not without its hurdles. I recognize the loss of the camaraderie, purpose, and pride that comes with serving in the armed forces. However, I found solace in building my own company, embracing the responsibility and satisfaction that comes with creating something from scratch. While the military provides support for resettlement, the onus of learning the bookkeeping trade, starting the business, and studying independently fell primarily on my own shoulders.

5. Acquiring Skills: Learning the Art of Bookkeeping

To embark on my bookkeeping journey, I took the initiative to research and enrol in an online course. This self-driven approach allowed me to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become a proficient bookkeeper. While the course materials provided a foundation, additional research, including utilizing resources like the government website, was necessary to deepen my understanding of complex topics.

6. Applying Military Discipline and Communication Skills

The military instils invaluable traits such as discipline and effective communication. I understand the importance of remaining highly organized and being accessible to clients, ensuring that channels of communication remain open. As the sole worker and owner of my company, I must embody the role of a subject matter expert, always ready to handle clients' requests promptly and accurately. The ability to remain calm under pressure, double-check calculations, and convey information succinctly acquired during my time in the armed forces translates seamlessly into the finance realm.


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